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Fancy Cookies Baking & Decorating Workshop

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fancy Cookies Baking & Decorating Workshop

Learn to make your very own home made custom-decorated cookies! And learn some tricks and techniques for decorating your cookies with royal icing!

Fee : RM 150

Tools Needed : Apron, Hand Towel, Disposable Piping Bags (10pcs), Container (for your cookies!)

huhu...cakap omputeh pulak....skali skala xpe ek...hehe....well, dlm kelas ni, emy akan ajar u all mcmana nk buat cookies! emy akan ajar dari basic...semuanya hands on okay....emy akan sediakan bahan2 n u all yg akan masak sendiri cookies u all ;-) lepas dh siap masak, emy akan ajar mcmana nk buat royal icing utk cookies & yg plg penting, mcmana u all nk decor cookies tu :-D menarik kan....hehe...so next time, kalau u all ada masa, leh la buat utk anak2....diorang mesti suka..! ;-)